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Dish Detergent & Dish Soap

Dish Detergent & Dish Soap

Some of my friends tell me that sometimes you may not need dish detergents when the dishes are not that greasy. To be environmentally friendly, it is always true. But dish detergent is not only designed to clean the oil but also the bacteria.

Many of you may use dishwashers instead of hand washing, you have to choose your dish washing detergent carefully. As the hand washing ones are definitely not suitable for your dishwashers. Too much foam can be generated and leaks out from the dishwashers. Common brands include Cascade, Pamolive Ajax and Sunlight dish detergent.

Cascade dish detergent

Cascade dish soap has three line of dishwashing detergent including the Complete, Dawn and Bleach. You can choose among ActionPac, liquid dish detergent or powder detergent.

The Complete line is for those who do not like pre-wash but just put the dishes into the dishwasher and go. If you do not mind for pre-wash, then you can go for Dawn or Bleach depends on how clean you want your dishes. If you are cleaning coffee or tea stain, it is recommended to use the bleach one. The ActionPac helps you to decide the right amount of detergent to use.

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The Cascade Complete All-in-1 gel detergent is the top-rated in the most expert and user reviews. Users say that the liquid dish soap cleans reliably. There are no spots or residues left behind.

It costs you around $6 per pack for ActionPac, $7 per 45oz for gel detergent and $7 per 2.81lbs for powder.

Palmolive dish detergent

Palmolive offers detergent for both hand washing and dishwashers. For the hand washing ones, other than emphasizing on the cleaning power, Palmolive also emphasizes on skincare. It has aloe formula for dry skin. It also offers oxy plus and aroma sensation for better smell in the kitchen. It also has Anti-bacteria formula to kill germs. It costs around $7 per bottle of detergent.

Palmolive also offers phosphate free dishwasher detergent eco+. It gives you full cleaning power yet is better to the streams and lakes. It costs around $7.5 for 45oz. The consumer reviews for this eco+ is not really good. Some of the users are saying residue and films left on the dishes. Most importantly, it turns silvery dishware black.

Ajax dish detergent is actually another brand under the Colgate-Palmolive. It also offers the bleach and anti-bacteria formula. It costs you around $2.8 per 16oz. Many users highly rated the products as value for money. They think the price is really low and great. Great cleaning action comes along with great smell.

Homemade dish detergent

If you think the chemical detergents are expensive you can try the cheap and natural one. Many people are using the following recipe for their homemade dish detergent.

1 Tablespoon Borax
1 Tablespoon Baking soda

To remove water film or spots, you can use distilled white vinegar.

Source : 5X Faster* Grease Cleaning in Your Hands


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