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Bosch Washing Machines

Bosch Washing Machines

Bosch is a famous UK brand for household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, iron, toaster, etc. It is always emphasizes on its reliability, high quality and innovativeness.

Bosch washing machine offers both free standing and built-in washing machines to customers. Free standing ones mean that you can position them anywhere you like in your kitchen or bathroom. The built-in ones are designed to complement your fitted kitchen.

When you are choosing free standing washing machines from Bosch, you can make reference to its three product line Logixx, Exxcel and Classixx.

Washing machines under the Logixx are having features like large load capacity, energy saving and quick wash. There are 5 different models under the Logixx. All of them have capacity of 8kg (17.5lbs) or above and use 20% less energy compared to the A-rated washing machines. Spin speed are ranging from 400 to 1,600. Some of them are having special features like stain removal system and 15 Clothes Care Program.

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Exxcel line on the other hand emphasizes on time saving and for those who are having smaller load. The capacity is at a maximum of 7kg (15.4lbs). The spin speed ranges from 400 to 1,400. Their Express Wash system can save up to 40% program time. There is a 1 to 24 hours time delay function. All of them have the 15 ‘Clothes Care’ programs and can operate at very quiet noise level.

For basic features, there is no big difference between Logixx and Exxcel. But Logixx washing machines offers more features like clear LCD text display, extra large porthole (41cm) with 180° opening door to make loading and unloading easier and three levels of wash intensity.

Classixx ones are selling at their easiness to use, practical model and value for money. The capacity for Classixx is even smaller at a maximum of 6kg (13lbs).

It saves only 10% of energy compared to the A-rated washing machines.

Built-in ones also separated into Logixx and Exxcel lines. There is only 1 model available for each line. WIS28440GB have a 7kg capacity with maximum speed of 1,400 rpm. 1-24 hour time delay function and 15 clothes care program. Exxcel WIS24140GB also offers a 7kg capacity but with maximum speed of only 1,200 rpm.

Majority of the models are selling at around $1,200 to $1,600, which is actually the high end price. Mid-end ones may cost you around $700 – $1,000. Actually, you can also find some cheap China brand like Haier for around $300 – $500, which many users think the products are not bad!

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