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Pool Covers

Pool Covers

If you have a nice swimming pool, you have to keep it clean especially during the winter time. Therefore, what you need is simple a pool cover. Before you have chosen your swimming pool covers, there are factors worthwhile for you to consider before “wasting” your money! Generally, there are four different types of swimming pool cover including the winter covers, safety covers, solar pool covers and automatic pool covers. To choose your pool cover, taking out the price budget, you may have two factors to consider: function and usage.

Winter Cover

Usually, a winter cover severs more general and boarder functions. A winter cover actually can be used during the whole year instead of just the winter time. Such cover helps reduce water evaporation and keep out the pool from leaves and debris. Most winter pool covers are made with a woven mesh material which allows water to pass through but not the leaves and debris.

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It is a good choice for those are going to use the cover for the winter times as the removal and replacement of such cover can be quite time consuming. A winter pool cover is ideal for owners who close down their pool during the winter months. Why it is called the winter cover because typically people use such cover during the winter time when the swimming pool is forced to close by the snow.

Safety Covers

Safety cover is mainly designed to protect infants, toddlers and animals from accidentally falling into the pool. With the other name of the safety covers as pool safety nets, you will know that most of such covers are in the net form. The net should be strong enough to support a huge weight.

As the cover is usually tightly anchored on the side of the pool, one adult alone can remove or replace the net in a few minutes. You can unhook or hook back the clips to release the cover or to place the cover back.

Automatic Pool Covers

While the pool covers can be manual ones, they can also be automatic ones. The automatic pool cover actually is very powerful and can be considered an all-in-one cover which embraces all the winter, safety and solar cover functions. It is usually made of coated vinyl fabric and can withstand thousands of pounds of weight so it is very safe. It may take around 45 seconds to 1 minute to fully open the cover when you need to swim. It is extremely easy to use as you only need to push a button.

Source : inground pool covers

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