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Do Dryer Balls Work and Reviews

Do Dryer Balls Work and Reviews

Most people put their towels and bedding into the tumble dryer. These towels are often difficult to dry and they become sandpapers after the drying. The longer time and fabric softener required for drying mean higher expenses on energy consumption and chemicals. A dry ball is the new solution to the problems!

What is Dryer Ball?

Tumble dryer balls are rubber balls that you throw into your washing machine for better and quicker tumble dry. The dry balls help soften fabrics and shorten drying time and hence reduce energy consumption.

Dryer Balls Do they Work?

During the tumble drying, the dry ball lift and separate the towels and bedding or other laundry. This lifting facilitates efficient air flow and the ball retains heat and therefore reduces drying time. Besides, the tips of dryer ball massage the fabrics to naturally fluff up. Therefore, without the application of fabric softener, you won’t feel stiff for your towels, bedding and clothes. Together with the heat from tumble drying, the ball helps reduce wrinkles on clothes as well.

How to Use?

It is extremely easy to use a dry ball. You simply it into the dryer together with the wet clothes, towels and bedding. Turn on the dryer and the ball will work automatically!

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

One dryer ball can be used forever theoretically or at least for several hundred times of uses. With this dryer ball, drying time is reduced and less energy is consumed. The towels are mechanically softened without the use of toxic and chemical fabric softener. Less waste is released to the environment!

Dry Balls Review

Nellie’s Dryer Balls

Nellie’s dry balls provide you towels and clothes that are softer, more absorbent and with less lint and wrinkles. The brand claims that up to 25% of drying time can be reduced. The balls are guaranteed to last up to 2 years. There are 2 balls in a pack and each pack costs $19.99. The balls are highly rated by customers!

Nellie’s New PVC Free Dryerball

This ball is different from ordinary Nellie’s dryer ball that it is readily recyclable and it comes with an all new fragrance option. The fragrance is added by inserting a fragrance stick into the center cartridge of the dryer ball. But, the Fragrance stick is sold separately. Two balls in a pack cost $24.99. The soy wax and essential oil infused fragrance sticks cost $10 per bottle (10 sticks per bottle). Each stick is able to last up to 10 loads.

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This Wonder Dryer Ball not only performs functions like other dryer balls, it also reduces static cling on all natural fiber fabrics. It is hypo-allergenic for skin sensitive people and colorfast on all fabrics. The manufacturer claims the ball is engineered for a lifetime! A laundry set with 1 laundry ball and 2 dryer balls comes at $49.95.


The brand Dryerballs from UK has designed a pair of dryer balls (one in pink and one in blue) to better result of tumble drying. Both balls should be place into the dryer as they have different tensile strengths (one is harder than the other) and different shaped softening nodes. The two balls work in combination.

Dryer Max Dryer Balls with Anti Static Technology

There is no big functional difference between this brand and others except some users complain that the ball stains on their clothes. The ball may not be heat safe and leaves purple spots on customers’ clothes.

True Green Laundry Dryer Ball

True Green Laundry Dryer Ball is the most highly rated laundry dryer ball. Its softer texture works really well on ordinary functions. Most importantly, much less noise is produced. Manufacturer claims it can reduce as much as 30% of drying time as the ball is 30% larger than other dryer balls. The price is also competitive at $7.99 for two.

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