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Rug Cleaners

Rug Cleaners

Do you find your rugs dirty? Do you not wish to spend a large sum on professional rug cleaners? Here is your DIY carpet cleaning solution. There are many different carpet & rug cleaners in the market. One of the big brands is Woolite carpet cleaning products. Woolite provides a wide range of carpet rug & upholstery cleaners.

Deep Cleaning Rug Stick

This deep cleaning rug stick is an innovative and revolutionary product to quickly deep clean heavy traffic area rugs. The rug stick has powerful jet that pushes foam deep down into carpet and lift up embedded soil. The unique brush then removes the dirt. You have vacuum clean the carpet after it is dry and you can see a brand new carpet. The deep cleaning rug sticks are effective as area rug cleaner or oriental rug cleaners. You can even use it on stairs.

Users think that this stick is very convenient and most of them are satisfied with its cleaning power. For certain stains, you may have to repeat several times of cleaning before you can get them away. Also, as the 9oz trial size cleaner comes along with the rug is pretty small, you should expect to get a refill one.

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You can get the rug stick in a rug stick kit with a rug stick and a 9oz trial size cleaner. It is selling at $19.99.

Pod (Portable Oxy Deep)

This is a handy machine that you can use for both carpet and other upholstery. This small machine is equipped with a grooming tool, fabric safe brush and gentle clean pad. By squeezing the bottle to release the oxygen activated cleaning solution, you can easily brush away the dirt on your carpet. This is an easy to use and easy to store product!

Oxy Deep

If you have stains on your carpet like red wine, coffee, cola, etc, you can try this Oxy Deep. You just need to spray oxygen-activated Oxy Deep onto your carpet. No scrubbing is required. The cleaner will penetrates deeply into carpet fibers to permanently remove set-in stains. It is suitable for nylon, wool and stain-resistant carpet.

Oxy Deep Power Shot

This product is especially good to fight pet stains. It can help discourages pets from re-soiling the same area. It is environmentally friendly and the packaging is biodegradable.

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