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Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers

We have share some useful information for different types of pool covers in another other post, this post we will focus on solar pool cover. Instead of keeping the swimming pool out of leaves and debris, swimming pool solar covers mainly help to keep the pool warmer.

How Good is Solar Pool Cover?

The solar swimming pool cover or the solar blanket has the ability to absorb the energy from the sun to keep the pool warmer and can reduce water evaporation. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly and can lower your operating costs. Solar pool covers can help conserve water by reducing up to 30-50% of water consumption; 35-60% of chemical consumption and 70% of heat loss from a swimming pool (or increase the water temperature by 10-15 degrees). When the weather is dry and windy, the evaporation rate of water is higher and you are most likely requiring a solar pool cover in such time.

Types of Solar Pool Cover

There are several different types of solar pool cover in terms of materials including UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl to resist deterioration. Most of the solar pool can last for several years. Usually, you may find solar covers in the form of bubble packing material, but using thicker plastic with UV inhibitors. The bubbles help trap heat from the sun and transmit the heat to the pool. The other material, vinyl is a heavier material which has a longer life expectancy than bubble covers.

-Floating Solar Heater

Instead of the solar blanket, you can also choose to buy floating solar heaters. One kind of such heaters is called the Solar Sun Ring which is actually a passive solar heating device. It is made from two sheets of heavyweight U.V. resistant vinyl. The upper clear layer helps focus sunlight onto the lower layer. The lower layer then absorbs around 50% of sunlight and converts it into heat.

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Solar Sun Rings are specially designed to be used with automatic pool cleaners. When the suction hose catches on a ring, the solar ring will separate from the raft. Then the pool cleaner can continue to operate.
Like the solar blanket, solar ring reduce the pool chemicals to evaporate from the two layers of heavyweight vinyl. Therefore, you can save both water and chemicals as much as the solar blanket. When the water in the pool has reached to a certain desired temperature, you can simply turn the solar rings over to reduce water evaporation.

-Liquid Pool Covers

Other than the solar sun ring, you still have another choice called liquid pool covers. This type of cover is less bulky. The working principle is to slowly emit a non-toxic liquid to the water in order to trap heat and reduce evaporation. Basically, there is no big difference in functions compared to solar sun ring or solar blanket except it is more user-friendly.

Use, Remove and Store

Unlike the winter cover and safety net, there are no anchors or tie-down required. You just need to let the cover float on the water freely. As you can guess, it is extremely easy to place and remove the cover by just pulling it. Storage is also easy as you can fold and roll the cover up easily.

Source : Solar Pool Covers for Inground Pools


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