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Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper

As the technology becomes advanced, people switch from the use towels or handkerchiefs to paper tissue. Now, tissue paper is one thing you cannot live without in your everyday life. Even more, there are now tissue paper crafts or tissue paper art that offers you different colors, patterns and prints of tissue paper. And it is a nice idea to make tissue paper flowers for your wives.

Tissue paper though common should be choosing carefully. As tissue paper is rather personal considering that it get into touch with your mouth, skin, face and hand, etc, there are some attributes that most of the people concern about.

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Strength is important so that it is not easy to break into pieces. Strength is not only important when they tissue paper is dry, some of the brands are also emphasizing that their tissue papers are strong when they are wet. Absorbency is also important as most of the time tissue paper is used to clean or wipe something that is wet. By failing to absorb the liquid well, it is certainly not a good tissue paper.


Kleenex is a well known world beand for tissue paper. If offers a wide range of tissue papers with many different features.
Kleenex® Anti-Viral* Tissue

The anti-virus tissues are with middle layer specially treated to kill cold and flu viruses. This can be effective to kill up to 99.9% of the cold and flu virus. This is extremely good as the people who have cold or flu are those heavy users of tissue paper.

Sometimes when you wipe your nose or mouth too hardly, you will feel the pain and you may have already thought about the soothing tissue. Kleenex® offers the lotion tissue for you to experience the extraordinary softness.

Kleenex® Facial Tissues are with premium graphics box. Due to the increase in living quality, many of you may regard tissue paper as cleaning supplies as well as a type of decoration to the house. Kleenex® Expressions® facial tissue in packages is so attractive and allows you to reflect your style.

Green Forest

Green Forest is one of the brands that offer tissue paper from recycled paper. Many of the users think that the tissue paper feels nice, looks nice and is comparable with any of the name brand tissues. Most of the users admit that the tissue may not be as soft as Kleenex® but they are alright in the sense that they conserve the environment.

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