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Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Brush

When you do a search on brush, you can find many different type of cleaning brushes. Some of them are made from similar materials and some of them have similar shapes and structures, they can serve very different purposes. To do all your cleaning effectively and efficiently, you should learn to choose different types of cleaning brushes for different cleaning purposes.

Bottle Brushes

Bottle cleaning brush are most well-known for cleaning baby bottles. Usually one end is a flexible stem and the other is bristles. Some bristles are made of plastic while some are of stainless steel wire to avoid rusting. They taper design, they can be easily inserted into a bottle opening.

Foam Bottle Brushes

This type of brushes is very similar to ordinary bottle brushes except there are foams in the front of the bristle ends. The foams of sponge head is designed for thorough cleaning of the base of the feeding bottle. The bristles of these brushes are very soft to prevent damage of bottle and bottle nipple.

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Dish Brushes

Dish brushes are used for washing dishes. They are usually made of plastic and with long handles. Some of them have replaceable heads. Oxo Good Grips even launched a dish brush which is soap squirting.

Polypropylene Brushes

Polypropylene brushes are one of the most common brushes. These brushes usually have the base of wood or polypropylene. Their bristles are made up of coco fibre, nylon and mild steel wire. Their main uses are floor sweeping, scrubbing and light dusting.

Cobweb Brushes

Cobweb and duct cleaning brushes are also known as fan brushes. They are used to clean fan, cobweb or dust and debris in hard to reach areas (like corners and ceilings). It has a long handle for easier reach of room corners. Some of the brushes have extendable handles.

Roller Brushes

Roller brushes are usually made of nylon, bristles, hair, polypropylene, abrasive filaments, brass wires, Mexican fiber etc. They are available in different diameters. Roller Brushes are used for scrubbing, cleaning, grinding, and dust removing in wide face areas. They are suitable for glass washing and carpet cleaning.

Cloth Brushes

These are simply designed brushes with handles. Some of them are in round shape while some are in rectangular shape. They are designed to remove lint or furries from clothes. Another type of cloth brushes is with bristled brush on one side and tiny brush on the other and is named as lint brush.

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