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Table Cloths

Table Cloths

Table cloth is a very good accessory to keep your table clean and nice. For the beautiful ones, they are definitely decorations for your house. Table cloths are made of many different materials. Common ones are linens, plastics and polyesters, etc. There is great knowledge to choose and care for your table cloths.

How to choose your table cloths

Basically, the common shapes of table and table cloths are square, rectangle, round and oval. The most common sizes for table are as follow:

  • Square table cloths: 52”, 54”, 70” and 85”
  • Rectangular table cloths: 52”x70” and 52”x84”
  • Round table cloths: 70”, 78”, 90”
  • Oval table cloths: 60”x102”, 60”x120” and 60”x144”

When buying table cloths, you do not buy the exact size as you need to have a drop (around 6”-10”) there. Though the drop length is very personal, it is better to have a long table cloth than a short one.

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Different table cloth materials are with different benefits. Polyester table cloths are easier for maintain as they are machine washable. No ironing is required. Microfiber table cloths are spill and stain-resistant. Vinyl or plastic table cloths are suitable for both indoors and outdoors and they can be wiped clean easily.

There are several online website that you can buy your table cloths. JC Penny at offers table cloths in different sizes but with limited choice of materials and designs. The price is from $6 up.

Bed Bath & Beyond at a greater range of table cloths. The price is slightly higher from $15 up. It carries brands like Lenox (a market leader in quality tabletop, giftware and collectibles), Spode (a UK dinnerware company), Tommy Bahama and Vera.

If you are looking for more affordable table cloths for banquet, you may take a look at Linen Tablecloth at It offers a wide range of table cloths for banquet purpose. The price is very affordable.

Paper Table Cloths

This kind of table cloths is disposable table cloths. If you are not going to reuse the table cloths (e.g. for a catering event or a wedding banquet), the paper table cloths are really economical. Also, they are environmentally friendly in the sense that they are biodegradable. There are actually many choices of paper table cloths in colors and sizes.

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