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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Every day, we are facing the increasingly powerful germs and bacteria, the H1N1, Avian Flu and SARS, etc. Other than medicine, the most effective way to avoid catching these germs and diseases is personal hygiene. Hands are one of the most germ-exposed body parts as you touch everywhere and every place with your hands. Washing hands works but it is not convenient and sometimes impossible. In this case, you need hand sanitizers.

Most of the times you use hand sanitizers are with hand sanitizer dispensers. Basically, you can choose between foam hand sanitizer dispenser and the gel one. Also, you can choose between manual pressing one (usually comes along with hand sanitizer) and automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. Some of the dispensers are quite attractive, which can be additions to upscale décor for both home and office.

Purell hand sanitizer dispenser

Purell hand sanitizer dispensers offer both gel and foam hand sanitizer dispenser. For both gel and foam sanitizer, you can choose between the push ones or the hand free ones.

For push ones, there are basically three models. The Purell® 800 Series Bag-in-Box Dispenser, PURELL® NXT™ Space Saver™ Dispenser and PURELL® FMX-12™ Dispenser.

Purell FMX-12 is gray in color and is specially designed for foam which is enriched with vitamins and moisturizers. Push dispensers, with viewing window for easy maintenance, offer a generous portion of soft, gentle foam. Air is infused into the soap as it is dispensed, resulting in a rich, creamy lather.

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It is considered as a small and traditional hand sanitizing dispenser. It can holds up to 1200ml sanitizer. It can be mounted to wall with adhesive (included) or screws (not included). It costs around $13. Purell 800 is designed to use a sanitary-sealed, 800 ml bag-in-box refills. It comes in both white and gray colors. It cost around $14 each.

PURELL Space Saver can hold 100ml refills but it is smaller than the Purell 800 in size. It is most suitable to fit in most of smaller house. You can have only gray for your color choice. It costs around $13.

If you would like the automatic ones to better prevent cross contamination, you can chose Purell® TFX™ Touch-Free Dispenser.
This dispenser is touch-free and it can hold 1,200ml gel or foam. An extra large window better reminds you for reloading. It comes in only with gray color. It is more expensive compared to the push one at around $33.

Other than Purell, you can have another choice which is at the more professional end, Epi-Clenz foam dispenser. But this is much more expensive as it is selling over $100 for 16oz (approx. 448ml). Some household users buy this because they have a farm and therefore exceptionally high standard of hygiene is required.

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