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House Cleaning When You Have No Time

House Cleaning When You Have No Time

Running out of time is so common for housewives! People think housewives have a lot of time to finish all the home cleaning but actually it is not. It takes time for every piece of house cleaning jobs to be done and housewives often get running out of time. How to clean your house in a most effective and efficient manner in order to make your house clean, I mean look clean?

Living room

Living room is the first area to clean as when people come into your house, they first get the chance to look at your living room. Living room is the area with most of the big furniture. You probably have no movement for the big furniture, so what you need to do is to care about all the small things to make it tidy. See the house cleaning checklist for living room:

Magazines and books are the most common small things, when you have no time, just pile them up. All the paper stuff in 1-2 piles make the living room looks much tidier. If there are too many piles, you may wish to put the thick ones onto book shelves.

Other small things, if you have them, put them back to their originally position, if not, pick a basket and hold them all, then put the basket into the cupboard.

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Windows may be dirty and curtain is your best help. Pull the curtain to cover all the dirt on the windows. If you find your curtain a bit dusty, you can also use sticky tape (see below) or duster to help.
If you do not have time to do vacuum cleaning, I actually discovered one quick method to remove most of the visible hair, dust and small particles on the carpet. Get the sticky tape ready. Better to choose those wide and stickier ones. You may also find some of them with handle which and roll. Stick the tape onto the carpet, press with your hands, then pull u p. Repeat and you will find most of the visible hair, dust and small particles go away.

If you find stains on your sofa, you probably have no time to clean it. What you can do is to use cushion to cover the stain. Put more cushion randomly or put most of the cushion on the side with stain.

When you have time, you can do a serious cleaning by yourself for or even hire the house cleaning service. But what if your guest or husband is coming in 1-2 hours? Cleaning house with the above tips really make your house loo.

Source : How to Keep Your House Clean When You Don’t Have Time to Clean


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