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Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder

The disposable paper towel is a must-have item in the kitchen for its great absorbent power. When your hands are wet, you probably do not want to touch or tear from the roll of paper towel. You need paper towel holders!

A kitchen paper towel holder is different from a paper towel dispenser that it holds the paper towel only. If you need one that dispenses the paper towel automatically, you may read the other article about paper dispenser.

Magnetic paper towel holder

A magnetic paper towel holder is like other kind of paper towel holder except it has a magnetic bar that helps you to mount the holder onto the refrigerator for example. This kind of paper towel holder is good when you are running out of space. Also, there is no need for holes drilling. You can choose to hang it horizontally or vertically to save more space.

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Users are generally like such product. But there are potential problems with such towel holder. 1. If the magnet is not strong enough, the holder can fall or slip! 2. It my scratch you fridge! One tip for you is to hold it to a smoother surface, otherwise, it is more likely to fall off.

Better Houseware is one of the brands that offers magnetic paper towel holder. Around 75-80% of users like the products. They are very satisfied for the strong industrial magnet that holds strongly to the fridge. The price of such paper towel holder is very low at around $10-$15.

Wall mount paper towel holder

To save space, other than the magnetic holder, you can also choose wall mount ones. Very much like the magnetic ones, but they are mounted to the wall. This type of holder usually requires drilling of holes onto the wall!

Simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder is an exceptionally high rate product with 100% customer satisfaction. Users like the design or look. They can rip paper towels with just one hand and get exactly as many as you need. The refill of paper towel roll is also easy! It costs around $30.

Upright paper towel holder

Upright paper towel holder is also very common in the kitchen. It is even more convenient to use than the magnet ones as you can immediately use it once you have bought it. For this type of paper towel holder, you can notice more different designs are available to decorate your kitchen.

Basically, you can choose between with or without the spring arm. The spring arm on the holder is to help give a friction to the paper towel. This makes your tearing easier. But if the spring arm is too tight, you may find the tearing difficult.

Oxo Good Grips SimplyTear Holder is one of the highly rated products by users with over 94% satisfaction. Users are saying the paper towel holders have a nice weight and the tension arm allows the user one handed control. It costs around $28 (as it is a stainless steel one).

Basically, the paper towel holders can be made of many different materials. The most common ones are stainless steel paper towel holder and chrome paper towel holder. You can find them easily available in the markets. Stainless steel ones are usually more expensive at around $20-$30.

A good brand to recommend for chrome paper towel holder is Perfect Tear Chrome Paper Towel Holder. This is a highly rated product from over 80% of users. Users really experienced “You can tear off a paper towel with one hand with no ripping”. It costs around $12.

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