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Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rung may not have a great difference compared to indoor rugs or carpets as they are all for comfort and decoration. There are many places like patios, porches, breezeways, etc that you can put outdoor area rugs.

The most important criterions for a good outdoor area rug are its durability and stain resistance. As you are placing the rug outside, it is more prone to dirt, dust and damage from the weather.

How to choose an outdoor rug

The most important question to ask before buying an outdoor rug is where you are going to place it. The location that you are going to place and the usage of the outdoor rugs determines the main attribute of the rug for you. Whether it should be durable, comfortable or decorative depends on location a lot.

After determining the location and the main attribute that you need, you can then narrow down your choices by price, size, color and style.

There are different materials like bamboo, synthetic, cotton and even wool for outdoor rugs that you can choose for. Actually it is better not to choose wool for outdoor rugs as the wool can be discolored by the sunlight easily. If you do not want to hire the professional to wash your outdoor rugs, choose those rugs or materials that can be easily washed.

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Bamboo is a good one as it allows waters or liquids to evaporate away. But their colors and style may be more limited to the natural or Asian feel. Synthetic or cotton is also good but they are not as easy as bamboo ones for maintenance. But, there are certainly many more styles, colors and sizes that you can better decorate your outdoor areas.

How to clean an outdoor rug

To clean your outdoor rug, first read the direction of cleaning. If there is no specific requirement, you can use soap water to pray the whole rug. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the rung. Then rinse with water thoroughly. Let the rug dry under the sun for both sides.

One point to note is to make sure the pad underneath (if any) can withstand the same cleaners and cleaning action. Otherwise, you may find the whole rug damaged. Also, always try to roll up the outdoor rugs when you know the weather is going to be bad in order to better protect and maintain your outdoor rugs. Like indoor rugs, you should spot clean the stains immediately for the outdoor rugs.

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Source : Outdoor Rugs You’ll Love in 2022


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