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Toothbrush Sanitizer

Toothbrush Sanitizer

Toothbrush plays an important role in our everyday personal oral hygiene for removal of plaque. In recent years, scientists have studied that there can be hundreds of microorganisms that are spread from our oral cavity to the toothbrush. Or, the microorganisms can be simply present in the place where we store our toothbrushes.

In order to keep your oval completely clean, we may have to consider cleaning our toothbrushes thoroughly. There are several toothbrush sanitizers available in the market.

One of the big brands that sells toothbrush sanitizer is VIOlight. VIOlight toothbrush sanitizer is basically using the ultraviolet light to kill the germs on the toothbrushes. Such UV toothbrush sanitizers are easy to Use, Safe and Effective. It is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria on your toothbrush. You just need to place your toothbrush into the holder and push of a button, the sanitizer will start to kill those unwanted germs.

VIOlignt vs100 and VIOlight vs 150

If you are looking for family purpose, VIOlight vs100 toothbrush sanitizer and storage system or VIOlight vs150 can be good choices. VIOlight vs 100 costs $49.95 and VIOlight vs150 costs $29.95. VIOlight 100 is with the stainless steel bottom while VIOlight vs 150 is with a plastic feel. Both of the models can hold four 4 toothbrushes including electric toothbrush heads. The main difference for VIOlight vs100 and VIOlight vs150 is the replace of UV light bulb. The UV light bulb for VIOlight 150 is a lifetime bulb rated 8000 hours of use, which is not replaceable. For VIOlight 100, the light bulb is rated to last over 2000 hours, and only needs replacing every one or two years. It takes around 10 minutes to finish to sanitization process.

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If you are looking for a personal one instead of family one, you can take Zapi toothbrush sanitizer from VIOlight. The functions and specifications are more or less the same as VIO100 and VIO150. Each Zapi can only hold one toothbrush. Zapi comes in 6 different colors, purple, pink, white, green, blue, and orange to match your personal style. It operates on 3 AAA batteries.

If you are looking for travel toothbrush sanitizer, then you should pick VIOlight vio200 travel toothbrush sanitizer. The UV light is operated to kill the germs on the toothbrush when the case lid is close. In around 6 minutes, the sanitization process is finished. The VIO 200 has a deluxe metallic finish, long battery life, and includes a removable drip-tray for easy cleaning.
It operates with 2 AA batteries. To be reminded that it works with Oral-B and other small electric toothbrush heads but not Sonicare heads.

Violight Duo VIO290 is a portable toothbrush sanitizer for two! With the portable nature, you can take it for travel or put it at home. For home purpose, VIOlight includes wall-mount bracket also.

VIOlight also offers toothbrush sanitizers for kids. It has Zapi Doodle in blue and pink and Zapi Pop which are more cartoon and colorful!

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