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Ionic Air Purifier/Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic Air Purifier/Ionic Air Purifiers

In the very old days, fresh air had filled up the whole would everywhere. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, it is ironic that we need to pay for fresh air. If you value fresh air, you must get an air purifier at home. Other than the normal type of air purifiers, you can find another popular type called ionic air purifier.

An ironic air purifier differs from the traditional one mainly for several ways. First, the air purifier circulates the air without motor, making it more silent. Also, there is no ozone as a by-product. The working principle for such air purifier is by the generation of electrons that are transformed to negative ions. The negative ions then come to charge the small particles and pollutants in the air.

As the small particles and pollutants become negatively charged, they are attracted by the positively charged collector from the air purifier. The collects can be take out and wipe clean. Therefore, there is no need to replace filters like the traditional ones. In this sense, you can consider the operating cost for such air purifier is much lower than the traditional one. And it is more environmentally friendly!

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Ionic Pro Air Purifier
There are mainly three models of air purifier offering by Ionic Pro.

Ionic Pro®

Ionic Pro® is a safe and easy to use air cleaner. It can trap the common airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander and particles as small as 1 micron by the three collection blades. It is designed for room up to 500 square feet. This air purifier is more affordable than other models. The list price is around $200 and you can it on Amazon at around $119 – $169.

Ionic Pro® Turbo

Actually, this model is very much like Ionic Pro®. But it can also destroy bacteria, germs, flu viruses and mold spores. It can also turn smog and zone into oxygen which further improve the indoor air quality. The list price is over $300 and you can get it on Amazon at around $180.

PurePro® Professional Air Purifier

This model is an industry standard air purifier. It is ideal for medium to large rooms. The air purifying power is even stronger that it can capture the particles at 0.01 micron which makes the air even fresher and healthier. The other big difference compared to the Ionic Pro® and Ionic Pro® Turbo is its table top design.

Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

Ionic breeze air purifiers by sharper Image are also popular. The Ionic Breeze is more compact and well designed compared to other brands. But there are no big difference compared to Ionic Pro. The cost of the ionic breeze is around $200. Or you can buy the even more recent modle LightAir IonFlow 50 Surface at around $400.

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