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Dry Cleaning Machine

Dry Cleaning Machine

Dry Cleaning refers to the kind of cleaning process where organic solvents are used instead of water. The most common solvent used nowadays is perchloroethylene, also known as tetrachloroethylene. You may have delicate clothing which you wish they would never get dirty, because only then would you never need to wash them. While some can be solved by hand washing carefully, there are some kinds of expensive clothes that would be ruined even by touching water. In that case you will have to leave it to the professionals. Here we would like to introduce to you some kinds of common dry cleaning machines they normally use.

Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning Machine

These kinds of machines are enormous. They can clean up to 25 pieces in 26 minutes. So you may calculate how much your dry cleaners are earning with these babies. A well known brand famous for producing this kind of dry clean machines is the Union. Union dry cleaning machines are believed to be the most perfected cleaning machines.

The machine offers one-bath dry clean process and two-bath dry clean process to meet the requirement of different fabrics. Most of the tasks involved are automatic and handled by computers. It is able to pump the waste out by itself and use combined filter drop. The water separator also operates itself and cleans itself according to the preset program, normal once a week.

One important feature is the drying process. For industrial uses, a good model of dry clean machine that saves energy is very important. Models like the P&L 800 series of Union are capable of storing the heat produced in the distillation process and reuse it for drying.

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The organic solvents used in dry cleaning process are sometimes quite nasty and oily. There is a deodorization function in some of the dry cleaning machines. Good ones should be able to keep the vapor level of the solvent below a certain degree, like 35-45ppm. You should also look for an auto still residues removal function which could help to distill large volume of the working tank quickly and take the residues to the waste bin. This way the workers do not have to deal with the solvents manually.

The area in the workplace is very valuable, the more dry cleaning machines you can fit into the place, the higher turnover you can handle and the higher return on investment you can get. Many dry cleaners allow different installation position and method which enables you to put it at the most convenient location. The opening side of the loading door may affect the working efficiency too. That’s why many have the option of opening left or right.

Due to the advance of computer technology and mechanical engineering, even dry cleaning machines are getting a lot of fancy functions. Things like auto dry control, self cleaning lint screens, button traps, self cleaning separator, secure floor tray, door locks, second water separator, automatic filter maintenance, arctic line refrigerated solvent chilling, recuper solvent vapor absorption and de-color absorption filters really make the process of dry cleaning nothing more than pressing a buttom.

The new dry cleaning machine models are getting larger and larger in size, partially due to the demand of large chain dry cleaning services providers. There are also smaller versions ready for household uses. But unless you have to handle a relatively large amount of special clothes, I don’t see the necessity or benefit of getting one for normal families.

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