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Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning

Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Cleaning ceramic tile floors are important to keep it clean, beautiful and durable. This is especially true if you enjoying walking on bare foot. Tile and grout cleaning probably come together. If you clean the tile but not paying attention to the grout, it may not look as what you expected.

Cleaning tile floors

First step for tile cleaning is to mop and vacuum clean the floor to remove any debris. Then you can mop the floor with warm water or the mixture of hot water and vinegar. When mopping, you should mop from side to side and up and down. Finally use water only to mop again as rising. Allow the floor

If you wish to have the sanitizing function, you can use 1:99 water to bleach for normal floor sanitization. If you have family member sick, you can use a heavy proportion with 1:45 water to bleach to clean the floor.

How to clean tile grout

The water and vinegar mixture (50:50) can be used to clean the tile grout. Spray the mixture onto the grout. Pour some baking soda onto the grout and then spray the mixture again. Then use the brush or toothbrush to scrub hardly. Repeat several times and you may see the tile grout clean.

You can also try to use the water and hydrogen peroxide (50:50). After spraying the solution onto the grout, wait for 15 minutes before brushing.

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You may also use toothpaste or shaving cream to brush the grout. It is always recommended to test for a small area first to see if there is any damaging effect.

If you find the stain on the grout cannot be remove. You can you a small piece of cloth. Soak cloth with a little bleach or diluted bleach. Put the cloth onto the stained grout for 15 minutes. Finally use water to rinse. To note that this method may not be suitable for special colored tiles as the color may be bleached.
Tile Floor Cleaning Tips

  1. Do not walk in with your shoes in order to prevent sand and dirt.
  2. Use doorway mat to trap the dust, dirt and sand.
  3. Sweep the floor regular.
  4. Try to wear slippers as the oil and dirt from foot can damage the tiles.
  5. Apply sealant regularly.
  6. Wipe dry the floor after cleaning can bring you the shiny floor.
  7. Clean spills quickly.

Source : How to Clean Bathroom Tile and Grout

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