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Cleaning Windows

Cleaning Windows

Windows of the house allow you have a glance of the outside when you feel stressful or tired. But, it is not that good if you are glancing through the dirty ones. Cleaning windows is like every other cleaning job that nobody will like it. By learning the best way to clean windows, you can enjoy cleaning windows a little bit more from the enjoyment or looking though the clean window.

How to Clean Windows

First thing to do before start cleaning your windows is to gather all the required tools and cleaners. If you do not that, walking to and from to get your cleaners actually uses up a lot of your time.

You will need: 1.Duster or cloth; 2.sponge; 3. vinegar and liquid soap; 4.a bucket of water; 5.paper towel or newspaper

Put a cloth onto the floor for absorbing any water flowing to the floor when cleaning your windows. Add a cup of vinegar and a little bit liquid soap (5-6 drops) into the bucket of water (2 gallons). Put the sponge into the solution and allow it to

Use the duster or the cloth to remove the dust from the windows first. Then clean the windows with the sponge. Press the sponge onto the windows vertically from top to the bottom or horizontally from left to right. Do it in a line-by-line way. When you have clean one line with the sponge, wipe clean immediately with paper towel. Repeat the process for all the windows. You may wish to pay attention to the corners as these areas are usually with more dirt built up.

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If you wish to do a quick clean, you can mix 2 cups of water with 1/4 cup of vinegar and several drops of liquid soap into a spray bottle. When you clean your windows, just spray on the windows and use the cloth to rub.

Clean Windows with Alcohol

Other than vinegar and liquid soap, you can choose other window cleaning products like rubbing alcohol. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is recommended. Pour 1/4 cups of alcohol into the water and the remaining procedures are the same as mentioned above.

Extra Shine

Want your windows to be shinier? You can use crumpled newspaper or clean blackboard eraser to rub on the windows.

Other Window Cleaning Tips

  • You can clean window horizontally for one side while the other side vertically so that you know which side the streak remains on.
  • You may wish to clean the inside first as the outside is usually dirtier and it will make your cleaning tools dirty too.
  • You can use toothbrush to clean the window corners where more dirt accumulated.
  • Use lint free cloth for cleaning windows otherwise, when there is no dirt on your window, you will find the lint.

Source : How to Clean Windows

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