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Dalworth Carpet Cleaning

Dalworth Carpet Cleaning

Dalworth Carpet Cleaning is a floor cleaning company based in Dallas. It offers cleaning service for different types of floor including tiles, harwood and marble, etc. It is also famous for upholstery and carpet cleaning. It has been awarded for the Consumers Choice Award for Business Excellence for 4 Years in a Row from 2006 to 2009.

Types of Service

For carpet cleaning, it provides both steam cleaning and dry steam cleaning. Steam cleaning of course is the hot water extraction, which is recommended by most of the carpet manufacturers. Dry steam cleaning is a unique and new procedure for excellent result on heavily stained carpet. Of course, as the name dry steam cleaning signifies, there is no drying time for such carpet cleaning method.

Dalworth also pay special cares to your oriental rugs and other fine rugs. They adopt both old world craftsmanship method and new technology to clean your rugs. It uses patented tools and equipment designed specifically for cleaning oriental rugs. With simple elements like air and water, the rugs are cleaned effectively.

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Dalworth not only cleans your carpet, its technicians can also repair your carpet. If you have split seams, burns or tears, waves of ripples or even permanent stains, you can try Dalworth.

Service Feature

Dalworth services can be divided in economy, standard and premium. Economy includes pre-treat spots, cleaning of all open areas and cleaning around furniture. Standard service is with pre-vacuum carpet, moving of all average size furniture, cleaning of carpet wall to wall and drying fans in addition to the economy. Premium service includes, cleaning of edges of the carpet, baseboards and deodorizing in addition to the standard service.

Dalworth Guarantee

For your total satisfaction, Dalworth Carpet Cleaning service is guaranteed. Standard and Premium Service come with a 30-day guarantee and Economy service comes with a 10-day guarantee.


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Customers are very satisfied with Dalworth Carpet Cleaning as they think Dalworth not only cleans their floors. The cleaning team is also very professional and positive.
Though Dalworth is not a low price choice, customers are satisfied with their services and think that it is worthy.

Other Services

Other than carpet and floor cleaning, you can also find some other special cleaning services with Dalworth. One of them is Allergy Relief Treatment. Dalworth can help remove 90% or more of the allergens and dusts for your bedroom, other indoor areas and the HVAC systems.

source :  Dalworth Clean Family Owned Since 1976

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