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Floor Cleaning – Hardwood floor cleaning

Floor Cleaning – Hardwood floor cleaning

Cleaning floor is one of the housework that you do most frequently. Why, because you have to walk on the floor. Especially to those who love to walk on their bare foot. If the floor is not clean, you foot suffer. Cleaning floor is not difficult but you have to pick the right method for different floor, for that I mean different materials. Cleaning wood floors is very different from cleaning tile floors, using the wrong method may harm the materials that your floor made of. If you must use water for cleaning, use a damp soft cloth. Clean from one section to the other. Dry the floor immediate after cleaning.

How to clean hardwood floors

Water is its biggest enemy for cleaning hardwood floors. Try not to use water to clean the floor if possible, otherwise if water leaks into the planks, the wood may swell and the floor can be cracked in the worst case.

Soft broom and mop is the best floor cleaning equipment for wood floor. Sweeping should be the primary work for cleaning of hardwood floor. Just use broom and mop to pick up the small particle and dust. You can vacuum cleaning, but not too often, once a week is the maximum as vacuum cleaners sometimes can damage the wood floor.

If you find the wood floor is dWood$2520Flooramaged quite seriously and normal hardwood floor cleaners do not make it look better, you may need to try screening and recoating.

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Screening is to abrade the existing polyurethane on the wood floor. Then, recoat it with a new layer of urethane. By screening and recoating, the damaged floor can be rejuvenated.

Tips for Maintenance of Wood Floor

  1. Put mats near doorway or entryway to trap the small particles so that they are not brought into the house and scratch your floor.
  2. The color of the wood floor can be changed when it is exposed to sunlight. Try to prevent the floor from exposing too much to the UV light. You may wish to use carpet for help but remember to rotate the place for the carpet for even exposure.
  3. Do not wear high heel shoes and walk on the wood floor and the floor may get scratched.
  4. You can use furniture pads to prevent scratches by furniture legs.
  5. Do not drag the furniture on wood floor. This can surely leave scratch on the floor. Hold it up and move if possible.
  6. Pet nails can also leave scratches on the wood floor. Make you cut their nail regularly.

Source : How to Clean Hardwood Floors for Scuff-Free Shine

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